Parks & Recreation Improvements

It is the continuing mission of the Cabot Parks and Recreation Commission to acquire new resources, develop innovative recreational facilities, maintain exemplary parks, and facilitate programs that effectively contribute to the quality of life of all citizens. As identified in the 2016 Parks and Recreation Master Plan adding additional athletic facilities, expand aquatic activities, and improving community park experiences was a key initiative for the residents of Cabot.

This will NOT be a new tax. This will be an extension of the current 1% sales and use tax that was originally presented and approved in 2005, and extended in 2013 by voters.

The proposed Cabot Sportsplex will provide 120,000 square feet of recreation and organized sports venues to residents and out of town visitors. The complex will include 6 High School regulation basketball courts that can be converted into 12 volleyball courts, 2 regulation indoor turf fields, pickleball courts, a full service concession area with eating area, and a multi-use space for team meetings, coaches clinics, or parties. By adding these improvements, the park system will be more accessible to residents and can be utilized as an economic tool to recruit sports tournaments, competitions, community events and festivals.

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Enhancing the proposed facility, the site plan offers an All-Inclusive playground, outdoor pavilion, splash pad, restroom facility and and overall connectivity to the community.

The proposed All-inclusive play area is designed for children and adults of all ages, and abilities to interact and play with each other. It enables children to develop physically, socially, mentally and emotionally.

The proposal for Cabot's 1st Splash pad include 2,330 square feet of play environment that will encourage interaction. The pads have very little standing water, and will pump 175 gallons of water per minute. This offers a safe environment in which children can play without the risk of drowning. The entire outdoor area will be free to the public, however one of the long-term benefits is the revenue that comes to the area when visitors frequent our local stores, restaurants and shops.

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Sports fields with synthetic turf promote year-round activity on safe and resilient surfaces. The Cabot Parks and Recreation department is proposing to replace six baseball fields with new artificial turf. With dramatic environmental changes, the proposed fields will provide a stable and consistent playing surface keeping teams and children engaged. Increased activity helps reduce childhood obesity, promotes well-being, and improves athletic performance. In addition, artificial turf eliminates the use of potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers while significantly decreasing maintenance costs.

Community pools serve as an encouragement to community health and increase the social cohesiveness of the City. The Cabot Aquatic Park opened in May of 2016, and is a state-of-the-art Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant outdoor aquatic facility offering three pools. With a massive increase in visitors to the park, the proposal is to expand the area and capacity of the existing complex. The addition of an Aquatic Park Wave Pool will increase capacity from 300/400 to 800/900 guests. Additional deck space, chairs, and play area will provide a comfortable atmosphere for visitors and the residents of Cabot. The proposed expansion will also allow the Park and Recreation department to offer special events with movies and themed nights.



Bonds of the City of Cabot in the maximum aggregate principal amount of $21,775,000 for the purpose of financing all or a portion of the costs of the acquisition, construction, furnishing and equipping of park and recreational facilities and improvements, including particularly, without limitation, a new multi­ purpose community center with basketball and volleyball courts; improvements to the aquatic park to include particularly, without limitation, a new wave pool; new artificial turf for baseball fields; a new playground facility; a new community pavilion; and any necessary land acquisition and parking, landscaping, signage, drainage, lighting, concession, road and utility improvements related thereto; professional fees related to any of the foregoing; the establishment of reserves; and bond issuance and any credit enhancement costs; and, in order to pay the bonds, the levy and pledge of a new 1% local sales and use tax within the City that will expire after the bonds have been paid or provision is made therefor in accordance with Arkansas statutes.

FOR the issuance of Park and Recreational Improvement Bonds

AGAINST the issuance of Park and Recreational Improvement Bonds