Street Improvements

Cabot continues to be one of the fastest-growing cities in Central Arkansas. Current weekday traffic nearly doubles with incoming school and business traffic. The need to manage current traffic is significant and bonds are how we prepare and manage growth.

As a part of our Master Street Plan, our engineers have conducted a city-wide needs study that identified major projects by safety, congestion, reduction, bike and pedestrian movements, economic development impact, cost, and construction duration. The final plans may vary from the following descriptions below.

This will NOT be a new tax. This will be an extension of the current 1% sales and use tax that was originally presented and approved in 2005, and extended in 2013 by voters.



Bonds of the City of Cabot in the maximum aggregate principal amount of $10,835,000 for the purpose of financing all or a portion of the costs of improvements to existing streets, roads and bridges, including particularly, without limitation, any curb, gutter, drainage and other related improvements, equipment and land acquisition to accomplish such improvements, and street lighting, utility adjustments, sidewalks and traffic signals related thereto, professional fees related to any of the foregoing, the establishment of reserves, and bond issuance and any credit enhancement costs, and, in order to pay the bonds, the levy and pledge of a new 1% local sales and use tax within the City that will expire after the bonds have been paid or provision is made therefor in accordance with Arkansas statutes.

FOR the issuance of Street Improvement Bonds

AGAINST the issuance of Street Improvement Bonds

Locust Street Project - Design Locust from 2nd to 5th. Widen to three lane section including curb & gutter, underground drainage system and sidewalks.

St. John Street, 10th Street, Belair Circle, Belair Cove, Century Circle Project - Design St. John Street from Cul-de-sac to 2nd Street. Design 10th Street from Elm Street to St. John Street. Design Belair Circle from Rodney Guthrie to St. John Street and St. Design Belair Cove from Belair Circle to Cul-de-sac. Design Century Circle from 10th Street to Cul-de-sac. Reconstruct street include underground drainage system.

N Lincoln Sidewalk Project - Design sidewalks along North Lincoln from Cabot Middle School North to Spirit Drive. Includes buffered 6' sidewalk with underground drainage and curb and gutter along the street

Overlay Street Project List - (In no particular order)

10th & St. John Street

7 Point Lane

8th Street - Oak Grove Circle to W. Main St.

Back 40 - To #8

Barnwell Drive

Bellamy St. - Lillie Street to N. Lincoln St.

Cabot Cove

Cascade Drive

Clearwater Lane - #15 to Magness Creek Dr.

Clearwater Lane - Vacant lots to #22

Cooper Cove - Lakeland Dr. to #12

Countrywood Street

Deer Creek

Diederich Lane

Douglas Road - Mini Storages to SH89

E. Main Street - SH89 to Adams St.

Elizabeth Lane

Elk Bear Drive - War Eagle to Tacoma Drive

Forest Drive

Glendale Drive

Gleneagle Drive

Gold Bear Lane

Golden Hills Dr. - To Pawnee Dr.

Highplains Dr. - #24 through cul de sac

Kerr Station - Adams St. to Campground Rd.

Kingwood Circle

Kirkland Drive

Krooked Kreek Cir. - Campground - Cul de sac

Liberty Street

Linda Lane

Locust St. from 5th to 2nd St.

Magness Creek Dr. - High Plains - Corbin

Meadowlark Drive

Mystery Lake Drive

N. Jackson Street

Oak Meadows Drive

Oakview Dr. - #709 to Oak Crest Dr.

Oakview Dr. - West Oak Dr. to N. dead end

Paige Avenue

Pear Street

Pheasant Run Drive

Pioneer Dr. - Wagonwheel Dr.

Ray Street

Red Doe Cove

Red Oak Drive

Richie Road

Rockwood Dr. - Sun Terrace to Wal - Mart

S. Summit Drive

Shenandoah Way

Shiloh N. & S.

South Hills Drive

Spence Street

Sun Terrace Dr. - Sunrise Pl. to cul de sac

Sycamore Street

View Drive

Village Creek & Lakeview Ln. Intersection

W. Cherry Street

West Oak Drive - SH89 to #3740

Willow Lake Road

Woodhaven Drive

Click HERE for a detailed map of all Street and Drainage Projects