Overlay Project list

Phase 1 overlays include the following:

1. Elk Bear Lane from Timberwood Drive to Tacoma Drive

2. Glendale Drive from E. Mountain Springs Road to cul-de-sac, and Woodhaven Drive from Glendale Drive to north of Glendale Cove

3. W. Cherry Street from N. 2nd Street to end of road

4. Richie Road from S. 1st Street to Murray Drive

5. Kirkland Drive from State Highway 5 to cul-de-sac

6. Gleneagle Drive from Greystone Blvd to cul-de-sac

7. Kerr Station from S. Adams Street to Campground Road

8. E. Main Street from N. Adams Street to S. Pine Street

9. Oak Meadows Drive in its entirety

10. Barnwell Drive from Pond Street to Oak Meadows Drive (south), then from Oak Meadows (south) to Oak Meadows (north)

11. Meadowlark Drive in its entirety

12. Robinson Street from Oak Meadows Drive to Meadowlark Drive (east)

13. Jay Circle in its entirety

14. Pear Street, Liberty Street, and Sycamore Street in their entireties

15. Spence Street from Pond Street to Pear Street

16. Pheasant Run Drive and Paige Avenue in their entireties

17. Sandy Avenue from S. 2nd Street to Old Highway 67

18. Greystone Blvd from State Highway 5 to cul-de-sac